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We provide you with several forms in different languages, which you should have ready in your glove compartment just in case. The forms are bilingual with the exact same content which helps you at an accident picturing the sequence of events leading to the accident even though you cannot talk the language of the other involved party:

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accident report forms

International accident reports

If you are involved in an accident abroad, try to stay calm. Don't leave the scene until you are fully aware of what has occurred and you have spoken with the other driver and police. In most cases, where an individual is involved in an accident abroad, the police must be called. Always remember not to admit any liability and only sign the Accident Report when you are sure that you understand the situation. This document is a way to ensure that the correct information has been exchanged between those who are involved in the accident. The adjustment of a claim may accur even more difficult if you are involved in an accident with a driver from abroad. Sometimes you even come into conflict with the other party due to communication issues.


With our "Accident Report" you are well prepared for any kind of eventuality. We provide a collection of document packages in various languages, which you can keep in your car just in case. Every set contains an english Accident-Report and another in the foreign language. Every package comes with a set of bilingual documents with identical contents for each party. You will be able to depict the accident in progress and the actual situation, even though you are at a loss for words.


The accident-report forms will help to assert your claims. You have all your claim relevant data recorded and the other party has an appropriate document for his insurance, where he can fill in all neccessary information. In the case of an accident please fill in the english form and ask the other party to fill in the form in his first language. He has to submit the document to his own insurance. The several fields in the language sets are contentwise identical, so that both parties bring in conform accident statements. Now you set the course for a smooth prozess for further settling of the damage.